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The Astonishing Song of Djamila Boupacha
The Astonishing Song of Djamila Boupacha

Astonishing Song is a research-based installation realized at the Santa Fe Art Institute, NM, in 2008. It was inspired by the hauntingly beautiful piece for solo soprano, Djamila Boupacha (1962), composed by Luigi Nono (1924-1990), an avant-garde Italian composer, from the Canti di Vita e d'amore, text by Spanish poet, Jesús López Pacheco:

Quitad me de los ojos
esta niebla de siglos.
Quiero mirar la cosas
como un niño.

Es triste amanecer
y ver todo la mismo.
Esta noche de sangre,
este fango infinito.

Ha de venir un dia,
Ha de venir la luz,
creed me lo que os digo.

The song is available here and here. My installation - like the song - was, primarily, a tribute to Boupacha and the moudjahida who fought in the anti-colonial Algerian War (1954-1962). It includes a one-channel video installation, handmade text-based posters and signs, photocopies as well as "found" books and objects. The installation was exhibited as part of the SFAI Open Studios in September 2008.