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Los Angeles Walk #2
Los Angeles Walk #2
13 x 18 cm

I learn a new place by walking around, inspired by histories of the flâneur and the dérive. My Walks series (2007-2009) started when I moved to the Los Angeles area, a place designed with vehicles in mind. I often used to walk from UCLA to my house in Santa Monica, CA, along Sunset Boulevard from Beverly Hills across the freeway to Brentwood and south to Santa Monica. For long stretches of my walks, cars, trucks, and SUVs would zoom past me; usually, I wouldn't meet another pedestrian until I reached Montana Avenue in Brentwood. Once -- before I figured out the handful of 'safe' options for crossing the freeway and circumnavigating the Veterans Administration -- I got lost in West LA and a bewildered family who was washing their car in the driveway, watching me wander aimlessly around their neighborhood, offered to drive me home. These photographs, embroidered maps and artist book record some of the walks I did while living in Southern California and then, the following year, in Sweden, an utterly different climate and landscape for walking.