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How did you hear about MSA^?

Modern Painters (magazine)

What are your expectations of our program?

I like the alternative art (MFA) program and participatory-learning potential of the Mountain School. meet the teachers and participants and to experience an/other approach to education.

In 800 words or less please introduce yourself.

I’m an interdisciplinary scholar and artist based in Montreal. I like to think of my work as an attempt – whether successful or not – to demystify constructions of authenticity and make space for ambiguities. Ambiguities – in the form of hybridity, métissage, hopeful monsters and border zones – provide us with the possibility to negotiate a space among the world’s dominant paradigms in which secretive and multiple manifestations of diversity are not anticipated, accommodated or neutralized (Lionnet 1989; Glissant 1969, 1981, 1990). Working interstitially, I particularly want to blur some of the boundaries that separate practice, theory and criticism – and then creatively engage with the uncertainties that ensue. Recent projects of mine review romantic and transcendentalist allegories of Nature as pure, particular but unbounded.

My work incorporates books, photographs, films/videos, maps, objects and archival materials that reference (and/or deconstruct) certain historical, literary and artistic discourses. For this reason, it has been described as archival or research-based. As a result of the conceptual and material linkages between projects, there is also a time-based quality to it as themes are repeated or reexamined in different contexts, using different formats.


In 2011, I was offered a place at the artist-run Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles, CA. I was unable attend as I had recently accepted a teaching position at a university in Paris, France. This is my application essay (abbreviated). It's now part of a book published by the Mountain School in 2016.