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Tree theory
Tree theory
Giclée print
29.7 x 42 cm

The tracing of a branch’s shadow is one of a number of pieces my son and I made together during walks in the city, using sidewalk chalk. When he was an infant, I would put him in the stroller and go for long walks around Paris. The act of walking in the city helped to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. Eventually, I also found that collaborating with my child, including him directly in my art process, was rewarding for both of us. These two elements, ‘walking’ and ‘making art’ – both with my son – is thus part of the work.

This piece is part of the M Wall, a traveling exhibition, organised and curated by Amy Dignam, focused on maternal mental health and visual art. It's been exhibited at One Paved Court Gallery (Richmond, UK) and Motherhouse Revisited (Hackney, UK) as well as other venues. The piece was also featured in Motherdom, Issue 4: Creativity and Maternal Mental Health, Winter 2019/2020 with the above description.