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Svalbard Tote
Silkscreen on canvas
Hikaru Noguchi knit hat
Small size
Sweet Almond Lotion Bar
Organic shea butter, natural yellow beeswax, organic virgin coconut oil and sweet almond oil
7 x 3 x 6 cm
Yellow ring
Found object
Berlin Mug
9.6 x 8.2 cm
Embroidered Leaf Tee
White thread on gray cotton t-shirt
W size small
Tony Lama Waves
Pencil and crayon on leather boots
7 1/2 D
Vintage feminist button
Found object
3.5 cm
Arctic Circle III
148mm x 105mm

Souvenir [EN]

: something that serves as a reminder (Merriam-Webster)
: something you buy or keep to help you remember a holiday or special event (Cambridge English Dictionary)
: a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event (Oxford Dictionaries)

Souvenir [FR]

: survivance, dans la mémoire, d'une sensation, d'une impression, d'une idée, d'un événement passés
: faculté de se rappeler
: objet qui rappelle la mémoire de quelqu'un ou d'un événement
: petit objet vendu aux touristes sur les lieux particulièrement visités
: en apposition, indique que l'objet rappelle la mémoire de quelqu'un, d'un événement (Larousse)

21232E is a souvenir gift shop. It includes objects I've made, collaborated on or altered - as well as items I've collected during my travels. All items in the shop are for sale.