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Handwritten letter, candy, envelope, cardboard box
April 2018
Handwritten letter, photographs
Pink Arctic
March 2018
Typed letter, postcards
May 2017
The Kitchen Sink
Xerox, crayon, pencil on paper
April 2018
Writing, paint on postcard
May 2018
Text and illustration on coffee filters, envelope
March 2018
Handwritten letter, artist postcards
May 2017

Invited by Gudrun Filipska to be part of the Arts Territory Exchange (aTE) in 2016, I was paired with Icelandic video artist, painter and curator Kristin Scheving.

This gallery is a record of our ongoing mail exchange which takes place primarily through the postal system. Our exchange is "themed around the places, spaces and topographical terrains which surround us" (as per the guidelines of the aTE but interpreted broadly).

Our exchange also overlaps with the Artist Residency in Motherhood - which me and Gudrun are a part of - the Alexandria and Arctic Circle projects.

///This is a work-in-progress///